Commissioned Pieces

Safe Harbour - Group 1

An erratic marine biologist living in a lighthouse and a struggling trawler fisherman find each through
a marine radio signal. Over the waves of both the sea and radio, they form an unexpected
attachment. Can this sonic connection be a way to truly reveal themselves to each other, or is it just
another way to hide who they really are?

Les Kurbas: My Play! My Life! - Group 2

Les Kurbas – an intellectual, artist, actor, philosopher, and organiser – is considered the most innovative theatre director of the 20th century. He created his own modern, experimental theatrical system dominated by symbols, metaphors, and creativity, raising a new generation of Ukrainian actors and directors. 

Many streets and art centres bear his name, yet Kurbas is not known and celebrated enough as most of his merits have been overshadowed by the Russian Avant-Garde.

War Poet - Group 3

This is a story about Maksym Krystov, a soldier who defends Ukraine since 2014. He was a volunteer who worked with kids a lot and who is also a poet who had just begun his career. After a time away from fighting Maksym joined the army again when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, where he found himself accompanied by a cat. This story follows Maksym’s life in the war with the cat as he follows his dream of being a poet. It ends with his death in January 2024. His book “Poems from the gunhole” has been published in 1500 copies. After his death it sold out in one day. He dreamed about the cooperation with The New York Times or at least Kyiv Post. Kyiv Post and The New York Times wrote about Maksym Kryvtsov.

Hotel Freedom - Group 4

The Hotel Freedom is an original idea/play by Sari Horvath. It’s based on her own social research and previous theatre works. It essentially creates an original artistic universe where human nature and relationships can be expressed in a symbolic and realistic way through surreal elements and fantasy.

The Hotel Freedom is a coming-of-age story where finding and accepting ourselves and our past lead to finding and discovering love.  The focus is on the topic of how you can create a safe place for yourself in your soul to survive the reailty’s challenges and problems. The guests at the hotel have complaints about the rooms, which Tono is constantly trying to escape from. When Tono meets Dale, he immediately falls in love with her, but Dale knows that Norma is in love with Tono.

Ada Kaleh - Group 5

The audio drama revolves around a woman in the search for her roots. Together with her companion, she wants to visit her grandfather’s oriental town and discovers the story of a sunken island, although it is neither a mythical land-covered Troy nor the legend of a lost Atlantis. This is the island of Ada Kaleh, which was covered by water in the recent past. Due to the dam built on the Danube river, the water level rose so much that the island was completely covered. Its population was scattered. Some died of grief, many continued to live without a chance to return to their native land. In search of her ancestors and roots, the main character travels and meets people who had contact with Ada Kaleh and gets to know this unknown world, which many refer to as “the lost paradise”.

She kept a diary - Group 6

Coming soon… 

A Quiet Life - Group 7

Living in a cottage far from any town, Aria leads a seemingly peaceful life. Her world is quiet and not
by accident; there are no alarms, no telephones and no other people. Aria has noxacusis, a rare form
of hearing sensitivity that causes any sound at a moderate volume to feel like stabbing pain in her
ears. Always sporting her noise-blocking earmuffs, Aria makes up for the silence that surrounds her
by creating elaborate audio-based worlds in her mind, from Western gunfights to noir-ish detective
stories, re-imagining sounds she heard from radio serials as a child. She also likes to play records on
a turntable very quietly so that she can feel the vibrations. While she generally enjoys her life, Aria
sometimes wonders what it would be like to be out in the world amongst other people.

Blood Bunnies - Group 8

Blood Bunnies is an original drama which gets its inspiration from the Albanian Kanun, a text describing tribal laws including a detailed guide to Blood Feuds. The drama takes this notion of codes and conduct to a bizarre level as two clans of rabbits are set in conflict with each other with only a mysterious codex to guide them.

In their innocence, both clans eagerly follow the procedures contained in the Book of Blood but instead of a resolution, their world descends into a gory chaos. The story is a thesis on cultural indoctrination as witnessed by a curious fox who watches the bunnies change in nature from prey to predator revealing how culture can be weaponised to secure and maintain power for the elite.