Robin Soans – Verbatim Theatre – Case Study “Talking to Terrorists”

Research for the play ‘Talking to Terrorists’, first performed in 2005. Mostly about sharing Robin’s playwriting process which investigates how a person becomes a terrorist. Verbatim theatre means that the dialogue in the play is taken from real interviews and then recreated on stage.

Chuse Fernandez – Use of Binaural techniques in audio drama

Dos and Don’ts for audio drama makers with a focus on the binaural which is a stereo, 3D audio effect which attempts to replicate the way human ears experience soun

Mel and Jonathan – Guerilla Guide to producing audio dramas

Mel and Jonathan did a workshop style masterclass split into 2 halves. The first half was an overview of the budgeting, copyright, planning and contracts that go into producing an audio drama. In the second half, they recorded a short radio drama live on stage with writing by Marta Rebzda, acting by David Gooderson and Simon Slater, Sound Design by David Thomas. Of course directed by Jonathan Banatavala and produced by the great Melanie Nock and Jonathan Banatvala.